Paint Gel collection Historicism

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Paint Gel collection Historicism

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The Paint Gel set "Historicism" consists of six gel paints. The color scheme used to create this set is gentle, calm in nature: lime, carrot, pale purple, pale violet, mint and cornflower colors. This set is ideal for creating a light and airy nature.
The uniqueness of Paint Gel is that:
1. Allows you to draw the finest lines and patterns both BEFORE applying a transparent top gel (aquarium and flat designs), and ON TOP of a protective coating;
2. One layer is enough-Paint Gel has a DENSE highly pigmented texture, which significantly increases the speed of the master's work and reduces the cost of the procedure;
3. The glossy SHINE, as well as the JUICINESS and brightness of the color are preserved after the polymerization reaction;
4. Drawing lines on top of the protective gel create the EFFECT of" layering "and"relief". The pattern is so dense that it is tactile - the texture of the nail looks "alive" and voluminous;
5. Suitable for drawing on top of gel lacquers.

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