Гель-лак NL 2076 над облаками 6 мл

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Гель-лак NL 2076 над облаками 6 мл

In stock
Vendor code: 002734
Область примененияЦветное покрытие гель лак
Сорт. ЦВЕТБелый
ЭффектПерепелиное яйцо
545 rub.

Gel polish NL 2076 above the clouds 6 ml

NANLAC effect

Gel polish "Above the clouds" from the collection "Bohemia" has an interesting color: it is white with a large pale yellow glitter. Perfect for creating a summer, playful look.

The pleasant liquid consistency is well distributed on the nail plate, does not create thickness and volume. Translucent shade.

Application features: apply a very thin layer (with blurring movements), polymerize each layer in a UV or CCFL lamp.


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