Basic Gel 15 ml

In stock

Basic Gel 15 ml

In stock
Vendor code: 001686
Сорт. ЦВЕТПрозрачный
Гельевая системаВязкость
Область примененияГелевая система
15 мл
1 150 rub.

Viscosity: low

Curing time in NanoLamp3: 10 sec


Basic gel is neutral to natural nails. High adhesive properties of the gel and an optimal sticky layer provide high-quality adhesion of the nail plate with modeling gels.

Also this gel can be used with fiberglass tape to reinforce or repair a free edge of the nail.

Apply one or two thin layers.

Expert’s advice: use an individual brush to apply the base gel. This helps to exclude the ingress of residues of another group materials on the natural nail plate. Recommended brush: K6-NL or K5-NL.


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