Gel polish NL 1039 sweet 6 ml

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Gel polish NL 1039 sweet 6 ml

В наличии
Артикул: 000788
545 руб.

Gel polish NL 1039 sweet 6 ml

An unusual, deep, pink color with a crimson, slightly neon pearl shade, bright and glaring. The shade combines color flashes of purple, pink and red.

The pleasant liquid consistency is well distributed on the nail plate and does not create thickness and volume. Heavy-duty medium-density thin layer has good hiding power and color depth. The durability of the pigment allows it to confidently use the original shade to the last drop.

Application features: apply a very thin layer (with blurring movements), each layer is cured in a UV or CCFL lamp. The number of layers is determined at the discretion of the master (depending on the desired result and the saturation of the pigment).



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