Gel polish NL 2250 crater Endeavour 15 ml

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Gel polish NL 2250 crater Endeavour 15 ml

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649 rub.

Gel polish NL 2250 crater Endeavour 15 ml

 Curing time in NanoLamp3: 30 sec


Color: dark mahogany 

NANLAC 2250 is the dark mahogany color gel polish of the limited edition collection "Mission to Mars".The world has changed and it’s time to wait for new ideas and results. Achievements in space exploration expand our views and give us a chance to create a new reality. What will it be like? The choice is up to each of you. In the process of creating this line of materials we have maintained our principles: safety, quality and hypoallergenic. At the same time we managed to minimize the costs changing the volume and introducing a new product to the market. This collection is what the realities of today demand: a quick solution, an economical approach, and straightforwardness.


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