Strong 30,000 rpm unit(without pedal in bag)

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Strong 30,000 rpm unit(without pedal in bag)

In stock
Vendor code: 00004172
ПроизводительNano Professional
Область примененияИнструменты
17 900 rub.

The Strong device is designed for manicure, pedicure, and nail modeling procedures.
This model of the device has all the necessary characteristics:
- high power of the micromotor-64 watts;
- rotation speed of 30,000 rpm;
- reverse function; -
- no vibration;
- overload protection (there is a built-in overload shutdown function);
- pencil case for milling cutters on the body of the device;

The delivery package includes a handpiece stand and a portable zippered bag for carrying the device.
Manufacturer: South Korea.

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