Ice Gel 5 ml

In stock

Ice Gel 5 ml

In stock
Vendor code: 001032
Область примененияГелевая система
Сорт. ЦВЕТПрозрачный
5 мл
450 rub.

Viscosity: ultra-high

Curing time in NanoLamp3: 60 sec.


Ice gel is a transparent gel for sculpting a free edge using a nail form. It’s suitable for aquarium designs as well as for creating the "crystal nails” effect. It becomes crystal clear after polymerization. Ice gel has a strong molecular lattice that makes it 

possible to sculpt the maximum length of the free edge.

Expert’s advice: we recommend to apply the gel strictly on the nail form and not higher than the lower 1/4 of the nail bed.


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