Strengthening gel Silicone Clear Gel 15 ml

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Strengthening gel Silicone Clear Gel 15 ml

Нет в наличии
Артикул: 002113
ПроизводительNano Professional
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Silicone Clear Gel 15 ml

Viscosity: medium 

Curing time in NanoLamp3: 30 sec.


Property: gel formula 

Goal:  nail extension 


It is used as an auxiliary base coat for weak nails. It is applied over the base coat (Nanlac Probase or Nanlac Simple). Elastic, dense modeling coating. Due to the special structure of the polymer lattice this product shows similar physical properties to a natural nail. Creating an additional frame allows it to strengthen very weak nails. Easily removed with a special liquid.

It can also be used to repair broken nails made by Nanlac gel polishes. At the same time, do not forget to lay out the missing free edge with Natural gel, and we lay out Silicone as a sculptural layer.



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