NANLAC Probase 15 ml

In stock

NANLAC Probase 15 ml

In stock
Vendor code: 002671
ПроизводительNano Professional
Область примененияБаза гель-лак
Сорт. ЦВЕТПрозрачный
950 rub.

Gel polish base coat NANLAC Probase 15 ml

Viscosity: low

Curing time in NanoLamp3: 30 sec.


Property: Hybrid formula

Goal: strengthening, moisturizing, nutrition

Color: clear

NANLAC Probase contains a complex of B vitamins and a valuable amino acid-acetyl-methionine that affects the growth cells of the nail bed and contributes to the thickening of the nail plate. A balanced moisturizing complex prevents peeling, dryness and brittle nails. It perfectly protects the nails from the negative effects of an aggressive environment, stimulates cell renewal and nourishes the germ epithelium.

Expert’s advice: apply a very thin layer of the base coat . It  dries well and  protects you and your client from "surprises" in the form of peeling of the color coating. Removing the sticky layer will completely dissolve the base coat.

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