NANLAC Build 15 ml

In stock

NANLAC Build 15 ml

In stock
Vendor code: 003097
Область примененияБаза гель-лак
Сорт. ЦВЕТПрозрачный
950 rub.

Gel polish base coat NANLAC Build 15 ml 

Viscosity: high

Curing time in NanoLamp3: 30 sec.


Property: gel formula

Goal: leveling, strengthening

Color: clear

Thick "rubber" base coat. Thanks to its consistency, it perfectly aligns the defects of the natural nail plate and creates a strong "foundation" thereby increasing the wearability of the manicure. A specially designed shortened brush allows easy application of the material. Perfect for thin and weak nails.

Expert advice: remove the dispersion layer if necessary after gel polymerization.


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